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Full text of "Annual Evaluation Report Fiscal Year 1984"

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EĢ SupportingStudies and Analyses Cited in Section Above:

1.  State Performance Reports, 1979-80 through 1982-83.

2.  State audit reports, U.S. Department of Education*

The following studies are in progress or are scheduled to begin in FY 1985:

o A "National Assessment of Compensatory Education" was mandated in the
1983 ECIA Technical Amendments. The National Institute of Education
will manage this activity, which will both re-examine educational
effects of compensatory education programs on participating children
as well as develop a national profile of Chapter 1 programs. Interim
reports are due to Congress in January and July of 1986, with a final
report due in January, 1987.

To supplement State-provided achievement information, the Department
supported a study of the "Sustained Achievement of Chapter 1 Students11:

o The Chapter 1 Evaluation Technical Assistance Centers examined the
achievement patterns of Title I/Chapter 1 students. The primary
purpose of the study was to examine two-year patterns of gain or
decline for students who received Chapter 1 instruction in both years,
or only in the first or second year. The final report from this study
will be available in March, 1985.

Contacts for Further Information

Program operations:  John Staehle, (202) 245-3081

Program studies: Robert Stonehill, (202) 245-9401


1, Excludes Special Incentive Grants, and State-operated programs (which
include the Migrant Education Program, the Program for Neglected or
Delinquent Children, and the Program for Handicapped Children).

2. NCEs are a form of standardized test scores based on percentiles
and used by school districts, States and ED for purposes of aggrega-
tion and reporting. There would be no change in NCEs when a group
has stayed at exactly the same percentile from pretest to posttest;
thus, an NCE gain indicates an increase in the percentile standing
of a group, and an NCE loss indicates a decrease in a group's relative
standing. 1975 as part of the